Activities Zone is said to be prime zones of any International Play and Pre-School. Alma International Play and Pre-School’s Activities Zone has been prepared in such a way that it could develop mush more physical activities among kids with full of entertainment. Various Indoor games and Physical Activities are included for kids to enjoy the whole session with vibrant ambience. Individual and group activities such as dancing, drawing, Toy-playing, chess are conducted under the supervision of the teaching staff.

Indoor Zone

Alma International Play and Pre-School provides well-infrastructural fun zone for all-round development of kids with fun-full activities. Fun Zone contains may fun-oriented toy, games and tools to create natural enjoy among kids. It is the sole motive to keep your kids enjoying, laughing through International Learning Process in group modes. To socialize your kids with others, Alma International Play and Pre-School provides International ambience.

Creative Art

Activities concerning creative arts are pivotal part of cognitive Learning. That make kids active and logical Progressive.


Yoga is one of the prime activities of Indoor Physical Exercise. It shapes your child proportionately with sound mind.

Fun Learning

Fun Learning activities are full of amusement and accelerate your kid’s Soft motor skills.

Cartoon & Rhymes

The prominent activities among kids that entertain your kids along with lingo-acoustic Learning.

Fun Colouring

Fun Colouring is said to be one the basic games of kids Learning that sensitizes colours and their various tint combinations.

Creative Toys

Activities related creative toys are important for child development with learning things through fun and thinking power.


The most sought-after activities are said to painting among kids. This makes your child’s grasping through thier own vision.

Story Telling

This activity is catechism and regarded as the best process of Learning things from logic and sequences with simple words.


Chess playing is an entertaining game with developing cognitive skills of kids.


Dancing is a complete physical exercise that keeps your kids entertaining and physically fit.


Rhythmic reading is a kind of linguistic exercise that makes children fluent in textual Vocabulary.


It is a sought of physical exercise that shifts your children in balanced way.

Puppet Theatre

It is recreational way of enhancing child’s imagination and traditional art

Dough Play

It is another sought of molding games that sharps your child’s imagination as well as geometrical comprehension

Mind Games

These games are the mental exercises for kids. These include Puzzles shaping of kids and other geometrical dimensions of the playing objects

Outdoor Zone

Alma International Play and Pre-School provides the vibrant ambience for playing, enjoying and socializing your kids with others. Playing Zone includes various individual and group task activities that develop your kids motor skills along with logical power. To maintain your kids physical fitness, Alma International Play and Pre-School provides a number of activities  such as Karting, skating, football, Gardening, Climbing etc



Sea-Saw is another fun making physical outdoor activity that keeps your kids fit and exciting.

Ball Playing

It is prominent game and one of the most active games among kids to develop their motor skills.


This outdoor activity that prompts your kids in natural touch regarding Plants, Fruits, Flowers and their color senses.

Hula Hoop

This physical exercise among kids that develops and natural balance of body. It keeps enjoying kids with funny ambience.


Hill Top

This is another kid centric physical exercise that makes your kid strong and decision maker using motor skills.


Running is a part of Physical exercise that increase motor skills of your child and boost individual confidence.


Climbing & Sliding

This is another fun doing physical exercise of Indoor activity and performed by kids. This makes your child active and healthy.

Play House

Alma International Play and Pre-School provide a Play House including recreational activities to energize all kids.


It’s a kind of game for just an individual or a group of kids.

Blind Man’s Bluff

It’s scientific game that sharps your child’s senses including motor and tactile comprehension.


It’s another kind of physical exercise which has both entertaining and fitness potential.

Duck-Duck Goose

It’s a group game that entertains children.

Hide and Seek

It’s very interesting game for a group of kids.

Sack Race

It’s popular game with group of children with individual task with full of balancing act.

audio video class
Audio / Visual Zone

Today is the era of learning with entertainment, no matter who is a learner. Audio-Visual tools such as LCD Screen, DVDs and Interactive Touch Screens are now becoming educational devices for in-depth learning. Alma International Play and Pre-School offer well-equiped Audio-Visual Zone to learn any entertain for your kids. Audi-Visual Zone contains new variety of DVDs of Cartoon Movies, Rhymes, Funny Video Clippings and other Learning contents, so that your kids experience a lot.


Excursions are a valuable experience for children, families and staff of education and care settings. Excursions provide the opportunity to expand and enhance children’s experiences, explore different environments and engage in meaningful ways with their communities. Excursions require appropriate planning and risk management to ensure the best experience and enjoyment for all. Alma Kidz is committed to providing excursions that are well considered and planned, provide meaningful experiences and ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of children at all times. Alma Kidz follows the policy of conducting excursions.

Water Hazards
A No excursions will be conducted to a swimming pool or other water related activity. Where there are significant water hazards (such as rivers, lakes or beaches), risk management strategies will be identified and implemented.

Conducting the Excursion
All educators, volunteers and children attending will be informed of excursion imetable/itinerary, special requirements, safety procedures, grouping of children and responsibilities.
B A list of children on the excursion will be left at the service and a copy carried by the delegated Certified Supervisor
C Before leaving on the excursion, a notice will be prominently displayed at the service which includes:

  • itinerary and timetable; and
  • mobile contact phone number.
  • Items to be taken on excursions include:
  • a suitable stocked first-aid kit including EpiPen;
  • a mobile phone;
  • children’s emergency contact numbers;
  • children’s medication, if required; and
  • other items as required e.g. sunscreen, drinking cups, jackets etc.
  • If a child is lost on an excursion, we will always leave a staff member behind to look, while the other group
  • leaders escort the children back
    Alma Kidz permits all of its schools for excursion tours of local Historical forts/buildings
  • City parks
  • City gardens
  • Amusement parks
  • Museums
  • City Zoo
  • City Airport

From an anthropological and historical point of view, a carnival is a reversal ritual, in which social roles are reversed and norms about desired behavior are suspended. Winter was thought of as the reign of the winter spirits that were to be driven out for the summer to return. Carnival can thus be regarded as a rite of passage from darkness to light, from winter to summer.

Alma Kids International Pre-School provides the annual calendar three days activities of well-conceptualized Alma kids Carnival for all-round development of kids with fun-full activities. 3DF Carnival offers multiple activities including toy games, fancy dress, drawing, painting, indoor and outdoor sport, puppet show, dancing and much more   to create natural enjoy among kids. It is the sole motive to keep your kids enjoying, laughing through Alma Kids Carnival. To socialize your kids with others, Alma Kids International Pre-School provides kids carnival International ambience.

Alma Kids International Pre-School schedules its three Days Kids Carnival in the month of December and that varies accordingly its units.